Monday, 27 December 2010

Innis and Gunn

Clare's Mam has never experienced the delights of tattie soup, bannocks and reestit mutton. So we thought we'd best give her a taste of our own before she goes mid-week.

The first we've had this winter and very nice it was too. What was even nicer for me was to have twatree bottles of a little beauty I discovered at the Co-op; Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer

Now I like a beer now and again, but my belly doesn't, so usually in an aid to conserve world wide stocks of loo roll I do without. I had intended to brave a bottle of  Shetland's own Valhalla Ale with this special tea until I saw the Innis and Gunn (of Edinburgh). A lovely drink it was to accompany the making of soup and bannocks as well as the eating;  honey smooth and nice to sup. It also aided me in a leisurely post-tea snooze and so far my bowels are loving it too!

Not totally sure if it really is a good or bad discovery so I may have to try it again just to be sure...


  1. I don't know about the beer, but the Reestit mutton, bannocks, and soup are nearly making me cry...
    Methinks I'll have to see how near to that I can come with local ingredients. Guess I'll have to add a little salt to make the Norskie mutton match Shetland taste buds, but I like a challenge.... ;)

  2. Here's a site for all your curing delights...

    Had 3 bowls of soup and about 8 bannocks myself LOL

    I'd send you some but it might spill in the post so I'll just think of you when I finish the rest off tomorrow :O)