Friday, 24 December 2010

In the deep dark woods where the Gruffalo lives

There was no way Clare was making it in to work today, so try as she might to work at home, and try as I might to keep our little mite from her, Beren was desperate for attention.

In a lull in the snow I thought I'd take him out somewhere. Where I wasn't sure, but over towards Brae, as I needed to get some nice bread for my version of croc monsieur. A starter I'd be told I was making for our Christmas dinner.

The roads were pretty treacherous, but as I passed Scatsta Airport - no planes there today -  I saw Voxter woods and a plan emerged. If I could get parked near there we could go on a Gruffalo hunt!

Here's the beast if you're not familiar with him

Our first and major problem wasn't the Gruffalo, it was the ....snow! After driving up the track to Voxter House I could find nowhere at all to turn round. If my brain was in gear I could have just reversed out, but no I decided to turn round and low and behold my back wheels found a bank to go over. STUCK!

How embarrasing. I tried many attempts to drive out before resigning myself to the shovel. As always hard work plus a bit of cunning paid off and after what felt like forever I managed to let the car chug away slowly in first while I pushed and rocked it from the outside. I love deisels. Peerie Trooker (the car) finally crawled away as I jumped back in her to applause from Beren (the other peerie trooker) who thought it was all great fun.

So we headed up to the deep dark woods where the Gruffalo lives

The sheep said 'no. please don't go', but on we went up through the snow

Into the wood, Bold One leading the way

Where normal bairns would fear to stray

Had he been here, leaving hair on a tree

Or down in this hole where only rabbits can see

We looked around, but he was nowhere about

Then we finally came to a ramshackle house

A swing for him and one for the bairn

And a torn tail in the snow as he'd rushed to go

We awaited around and we hid for a bit as the snow came down...

so awfully thick

But we'd scared him away with our rumbling car, by the tracks in the snow he'd geng well a wa

So what to do but return to the car. A Gruffalo may be scary, but we're more so by far!

Thankfully the car was fine where I'd left it and we left without any bother to do our few errands in Brae.

Looking towards Mavis Grind from Brae

Looking into the voe from above Delting Marina as we returned home

We managed a bit of sledging in Firth after a bit of a warm up in the house and then it was long past time for me to rest my leg. Long past it...


  1. Brilliant post Kev. Loved the story, and the scenery,,, stunning.
    Looks like the 2 legged peerie trooker handles the snow better than the 4 wheeled one. lol

    Merry Christmas to you and the family.


  2. What fun you guys have! Brill :-)
    (Didn't know Beren was from Tolkien! The Bold One indeed)