Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dales Voe Snow

With a brief break in the weather this morning I decided to go out. Clare and Beren weren't keen to join me, but the car could do with a run to make sure the battery was full charged after the other day and might even get a few nice photos too.

The first surprise was to discover my door lock was now working again, yippee! I could un-strap the door and get in and out with out feeling like a contorsionist.

Getting out of our car park wasn't so good, nothing new there, but even the main roads were pretty bad in parts. I reckon well be lucky to be back at school tomorrow, but fingers crossed.

When the weather is like this it's not so bad getting somewhere on the main road, but there's really no where to stop. All the lay-bys are filled with drifted or ploughed snow and most of the farm track entrances are too. Anyway I was very wary where I parked. Checking I'd be going back down on to the road and working my way in reverse off the road, reversing up and down a few times as I went so that I was pretty sure I'd get out. Shovel at the ready too!

My first stop was just above Fora Ness, an island in Dales Voe with two tombolos connecting it to the mainland, one of them being a twin tombolo.

Looking south-west up Dales Voe: The twin tombolo of South Ayre

Looking north-east towards Lunna Holm (left) at the end of Lunna Ness

Next stop was down at the start of Dales Voe at a small nature area just off the A968. A lovely area of young planted trees, picnic benches and bird feeding areas on the egde of the wetland as The Burn of Sandgarth enters the voe. I had to park a bit of a way from the normal access to it. Walking back along the road to it I noticed a lorry coming. The road was covered in slush and snow, so expecting the worst I stood in the verge, back to road, hood up, and waited to get a bit of a splattering. With a whole road and no other traffic the lorry stuck rigidly to my side of the road and I got a real good splattering of road slop. Cheers Mr Lorry Driver and happy Christmas to you too.

Looking north-east up Dales Lee from the nature area

Looking inland over the nature area, the road continues to Voe

The Burn of Sandgarth meanders through the nature area and looked beautiful, entrenched in snowy banks. I'm finding taking pictures in the snow pretty difficult, but here's a couple of close ups of one bit of the burn that took my fancy.

By now the weather was catching up with me again. I could see the next snow shower headed up the voe, so it was time to head back to the car.

As I got to the car the snow was getting really heavy. I carried on round Voe and to Brae to pick up a few bits from the Co-op before heading back home just in time to join Clare and Beren for a quick sledge. The snow had passed us by again by then!

Going forwards is too easy for some!

But it's still fun

 As is sledging with Mum

We tried all three of us on the sledge, but I think Beren's nappy must have been too big as we just couldn't all fit on for some reason!

If anyone has any tips for photographing in the snow please pass them on. I've tried all sorts of exposures etc., the instant changes from gloom to glare don't help. Also any slow exposures for flowing water just turn into a mass of glare even trying different EV settings.


  1. Lovely pics again.
    And it's nice to see a few clouds. The clear sky here gets boring, and also helps the temperature get too loow. BRRRR!!!!

  2. Cheers :o)
    Plenty of clouds here, the moon keeps peeping out and then hiding as soon as I go out with the camera.
    Relatively warm, but the hens water still froze today.

  3. We saw you taking pics and hoped you might call in.

  4. Thanks for the positive comments and lovely photos of some of the plantations.

  5. Thanks, I miss being up that way now I'm down in Scalloway. I'll be back to the picnic area sometime with the bairn.