Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas window dressing

Late of the field, fresh from the brine, keeping us waiting until a few weeks time...

I think the dog (Fern) is going to hate us for a few weeks while it dries. Tastier than a Christmas tree and an interesting decoration. The rest of the hog(git) from down the road is in the freezer or in our belly.

We've been here one year and a day. Can't remember when I first had reestit mutton after our arrival in Shetland but it was a revelation in saltiness, taste and smell and something I love. Next on the list to DIY is saat beef, even nicer with cream cheese on a bannock, but alot more expensive! Not braved the saat piltocks yet though...

I keep thinking about vegetarianism, I was one for 20 years, even vegan at times. One extreme to the other, for now...


  1. Likewise, no longer vegetarian. Had an uncontrollable craving for a lamb chop one day and never looked back.
    Congratulations on your Shetland anniversary!

  2. Now that's the kind of decorations I like... A string of saat piltocks is a favourite of mine also.

  3. Cheers Karen, I still feel mixed emotions about the veggy thing but my health has improved since.

    Auld Een, need to try the saat piltocks, need to find soem first. Everyone I ask seems to think I must be mad!

  4. One of these days I'll get around to doing a blog post on the benefits of saat piltocks. It is still one of the major mysteries of medical science how people who lived on these mysterious salted and dried fish could live so long. But medical science has failed to recognise the simple fact that salt at it's simplest level is just a preservative.