Sunday, 12 December 2010

Burn of Lunklet; a few interesting photo's

My knee has decided that one bit of it is feeling better ,so it's now time for another bit to show it's face. It's been a bit odd like that since my operation. My better half keeps saying I should have taken more time off work, but it seems like it's just part of the healing and re-adjusting process to me. One area sorts itself out and then another re-conbobulates itself -making sure it's presence is well felt- beore it settles down. I'm assuming that eventually it'll all be nice and relatively happy, one day. In the mean time it's been bloody killing me this weekend.

So, sick of staying in and taking advantage of a break in the rain and wind, we decided to go to Aith Christmas market and Sunday teas this afternoon. I took my camera, Clare and Beren took the dog. On the way we stopped at The Burn of Lunklet, a popular spot for Fern as it's fenced off and sheep free so she can run off the lead for a change.

I took my time, pottering behind them and despite the lack of tripod thought I'd take some slow shutter speed (1/2 sec.) photos of the burn. Where I could I did put the camera on a rock and use the timer, but in my less than flexible state I mostly had to stand and try to keep still. Amazingly, some even turned out OK!

Oddly the photos of the falls themselves were less interesting, to me, at a slow speed. May be if I get back with my tripod some time I can get just the right speed to get the flow of them whilst retaining the detail.


  1. Oddly enough, those pictures have just answered a question for me.
    I have a jigsaw puzzle with a flowing burn through the middle of it, which always looked strange to me. Now I know that the image was taken with a slow shutter speed. Exactly the same effect.

    As I always say, it's a poor day when I don't learn something new. lol

  2. Well when I get chance you can have a couple more jigsaws like that to do :o)

    Bed calls...