Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Burn O' Twa Roes; in spate

It's been a grotty few days since the thaw; dull, grey, windy and drizzly. Never the less Beren and I needed to get out and about today so we headed up through North Mavine to Sandvoe.

We had fun pottering on the beach and playing football with a net float that looked like a giant luminous golf ball. These things are actually surprisingly heavy and hard, but it made for a bit of fun.

I checked out the start of a track that goes across from North Roe to Uyea Sound, a route I hope to cycle some time in 2011 year with a friend. Then we headed back to park at Collafirth where the Altaire moors. Beren wasn't exactly keen to get out of the car again, wanting to go home, but I persuaded him to come for a short wander along the Burn O' Twa Roes just before it goes under the road and joins the sea. With all the snow we had, and all the snow that has and is still melting in the hills it was in full flow. It would have been great to get up to the proper falls further inland, but neither of us were feeling like that and the ground was totally water logged.

Anyway here's a few pictures of it doing it's thing today.

Thinking of rivers and the way they constantly change, even when you're looking at them makes me think about the impermanence of all things. I've often thought of just setting the camera in the lounge window to take to some photos every so often through the course of just one hour, never mind a day, even then I'd only see the visible changes. One can often just glance out, at the weather for instance, without appreciating the subtleties that are all around us, not necessarily in a dramatic flow of a river but the constant flow of life.


  1. There's a flip side to impermenance, though. For about 2 seconds I thought your photo of your wee boy playing with the net float was me, from 40 years ago. I had a parka much that colour, and I spent a LOT of time on that beach - my great aunt lived in that little settlement you can see in the background, and we came to visit most years. Thought you might be entertained by the resonance!

    Thanks for the posting the photo, it brought back a lot of happy memories.


  2. Thanks for that Alan and I'm glad it made you smile :oD