Sunday, 28 November 2010

Top Tup Takedown

It may be arctic out there, but when a group of Suffolk tups are put in a field with a load of little Shetland wives there's more to do than worry about grass.

Two tups in particular were having a slug fest today. Like a pair of heavy weight boxers in a 10 round fight they grunted, snorted, pushed, shoved, pawed and occasionally put in a sneaky headbut.

Here they are just warming up. These big boys just didn't think there was room in the field for the two of them

"Oi, what y' looking at!"
Luckily I was the other side of the fence of these warriors

Fink yer ard d'ya?

Snorting, pawing and grunting they lean into each other for half an hour or so

Getting more aggressive as they go on

A sneaky charge

And it's good night Vienna...

Ironically while these two were being all macho another was merrily getting to know the lasses. May be a lesson in that eh?

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