Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sleepy day

After my first week back at work I'm having a sleepy day. Achy legs and droopy eyes. A good covering of snow overnight and waves of snow blowing in from time to time makes it a good day to rest. No point going out and risking hurting my knee.

The view from the window was good with the moon standing out in the clear blue sky between bursts of snow.

The Mrs Chickenses had porridge for breakfast and braved the snow.

Back 'home' in the North East, my daughter had been down the snow covered banks and beach with her dogs at Skinningrove.

And it would seem that everywhere has a worse case of snow than Shetland. But not everywhere is quite as beautiful as Shetland in the snow.

We did eventually venture out on a long slow drive to Lerwick. Lots of library books-you can get 20 each on a ticket here, not that we got 60!-then a most excellent lunch at Monty's Bistro, and finally new winter boots and slippers for Beren.

The views on the way were nothing but stunning. Unfortunately with the hard shoulders and lay-bys all packed with snow and unseen dangers there was no chance to stop for pictures. The Burradale Sisters with the snow and moody back lit clouds were enough to enamour all to wind turbines. It was a wonderful drive in. I did get a few photo's nearer home though.

This is possibly my favourite view in Shetland from the A968 across Dales Voe towards Lunna Kirk.
 the 'mo' doth still grow...

Looking north of here towards Lunna Holm(left) at the end of Lunna Ness

As I type this the weather we had expected last night seems to have finally arrived a day late. It's pretty much a white-out out there and there must be a good 3 inches of snow fall in the last few hours.

It's Beren's birthday tea with his mates tomorrow, I hope they can get here! His birthday isn't until the 2nd so may be we can re-arrange it.

And while it snows 


  1. The achy legs from getting back to work are best described by one of my favourite Shetland wrods:
    Spaegie (pronounced something like 'Spaygee'), which means the aches and pains brought on by work or effort.

    While it snows,
    the Mo still grows.
    Soon it will be long enough
    to irritate your nose.

    Looking good.
    :D :D

  2. Yeh know spaegie a great word. Someone said on Whalsay they say something like halcroft? can quite remember.

    Love'd the word on Shetland My Love: sprickle 'an peester

    LIke the poem. Trimmed it over my lip to much relief. Getting quite attached to it now LOL May let it develop past the end of the month!