Monday, 15 November 2010

Shetland jigsaws on-line!

Auld Rasmie mentioned his like of jigsaws and the odd photo that would make a good one, so in honour of the Auld Een here's the link to one of Johnnie Mann's Loch... 

And another of The Stanes Of Stofast...

preview198 piece

You'll need java on your computer. All you do is click and drag the pieces into place, use the scroll wheel on your mouse (you do have one?) to rotate them. You can do it with a ghost image to copy, the image to refer to or with no cluse what so ever!

To find more Shetland Jigsaws from me go to Jigsaw Planet



  1. Oh you terrible person Kevin,,,,you've found me another toy.

  2. LOL if you click on explore there are hundreds of other peoples to look through. You can even register and upload your own pics to be made into jigsaws.

    Bteer do some more as some one I know has already stayed up half the night and done 3 LOL