Thursday, 4 November 2010

Rev Mugo of Jade Mountains has said this before today to me. I'm sure it'll be a reoccurring theme with me, although I feel I am managing the stopping of stop,just now...

I have a feeling it may be attributed to some one other than Rev Mugo, if I find that is so I'll let you know.


  1. I like that little verse. So much that I thought it deserved a response, Auld Rasmie style:

    And when you have stopped use that time,
    to bring your life and hopes into line.
    Focus on what you want out of life,
    your home, your children, and your wife.

    Look at the path that life lays ahead,
    it's rocky, troubled, and filled with dread.
    But from stop there's just one way to go,
    forward into the life you will know.

    I really will have to stop thinking in rhymes.