Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Last night I took the dog out! A very sedate 330m in total but the first 'walk' since me knee op. I was pretty tired and a bit achey by the time I got back but not bad as it was the end of the day.

On the back of that I tried my first drive in the car this morning and went to Braefor a few bits and a go on the exercise bike in the gym. The recommended recovery exercise plus the other knee strengthening physio I'm doing. 10 minutes a a light resistance and all was fine, the odd twinge. I follwed up with some upper body weights. All was fine tired but nothing you wouldn't expect after nearly 2 weeks doing nothing. Great!

I'm signed off until 22nd November/ I'll be back then but not before. Today was a start, but a long way from being back at work.

So now I'm at home with my legs up resting and going to watch the rowing on iplayer in a few minutes like a good patient patient.

NEWS FLASH: Tonight I took the stitches off as they were hanging off and re-dressed it.

In other news: I'm still in slo-mo...

You can still encourage my mo to grow though...

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