Monday, 1 November 2010


Movember is the month for blokes to try and grow a moustache and raise money and awareness of prostate cancer. I guess women can try to grow them too, but their main role is in the support of the grower, probably emotionally!

Now you're supposed to start the month clean shaven and you have to grow a moustache, no beards or goaties. I'm wanting to go for a mexican bandito/trucker mo; think of Hulk Hogan or Paul senior from Orange county choppers.

But as you'll see below, even with a 5 day head start most teenagers would manage better than me!

Yes that really is 5 days of growth!!!

I'm hoping I might get it as far down as my chin but a manly beast like his obviously takes genetics I haven't got and more than a month to tame.

Anyway I'm up for the challenge and a laugh. If any of you have suggestions for a more realistic goal feel free to deface my picture with them and email me it and I'll post it (assuming it's not rude)!

Here's my artist's impression!

If you feel you'd like to donate you can do so here.

In other news...

My beast of a bandgage has finally come off to reveal 2 poxy looking dressings covering three holes. Feels a whole lot worse than it looks...

and here's my sexy stocking for the next two weeks

In the words of a moustachio'd Shetlander blogger... yun's aa fir enoo!

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