Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A month in a flash

It's the end of Movember. The beast that has been living and growing on my upper lip has sprouted it's last. I'd like to have made it feel a bit more welcome after all the trouble it went to, but to be honest, it was nothing but an irritation and not popular with my better half.

It took Clare and Beren a little time to notice it's dissapearance. I told Beren it had blown off like the hairs on Michael Finnigan's chin. I think he's still looking for it out there somewhere!

Thank you to all who supported my efforts to raise awareness and money for Prostate Cancer UK and those who gave me the very necessary moral support in this daft endeavor.

For your amusement and entertainment here's the month in a flash (music too)...

Another late night trip to the loo ended up in this shot of the moon

And another day of snow, ending in a long and stressful drive home on poor roads. See what tomorrow brings eh?


  1. Well done Kev, great effort for charity,,,, and not too bad an effort at mo grow. ;)
    Now that you've got the idea you can do much better next year. You see your problem was basically down to a lack of fertiliser. If you spoke as much sh,,omething as I do growing hair round your oratory orrifice is easy...

    Well done, and I love the video.

    :D :D

  2. Oh I can talk plenty of that LOL!

    Next year... mmm...

  3. Gawd you're cute!

  4. Hehe funny vid - you've finally lost it :-)