Sunday, 21 November 2010

Making the most of the day

After a morning stripping out the woodwork from the dinghy Beren and I went for an afternoon to the Burn of Lunklet. There's a geochache there for Beren as a treasure hunt and I had hopes of some photos of ravens, but it wasn't to be so.

Beren raced off up the path, full of energy, and I slowly followed until we got to the geocache. He left his little offering to the box of goodies and, surprisingly, didn't want to take one of the treasures.

Here's the view of the falls from the geocache

We had a splashing time

It's really starting to get dark early now, and that's on a good day. When it's overcast and raining, well, it's very over cast and raining!

Twilight over Swarbacks Minn, Vementry to left and Muckle Roe, right

The sun was soon setting

and the moon was rising

On the way back through Voe someone was stoking up the fire in the shed on the water. Hope they've got plenty of fuel in, it's been cold of late.

We arrive home to a scrumptious roast dinner of local lamb complete with yorshire puddings and apple crumble and custard to finish us off!


  1. You saw the same moon as me. And just as beautiful.
    But I envy your dinner of Shetland Lamb. We just had smoked pork roast. But it was GOOOOD!!

    :D :D

  2. That shed on the water is! I'm sure you've posted about it before, but does someone stay in that?? That is cool.

  3. Yeh the lamb,actually hug, was great, killed friday, very butchered saturday and very tasty.

    When I saw that moon photo of yours the first thing I thought was that's our moon! LOL!

    As for the tin shed, I don't know who's in it, though I did see him in the pub a short while back. Not there permanently. but he'd just rowed out there when I took that photo.