Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The limp of limplessness

Our bodies are funny things aren't they? Habits and ways of moving we pick up from others, not to mention injuries, mean we move and use them in ways that there is not necessarily a need.

Obsessively reading up on that purveyor of stress, the internet, about recovery from knee surgery; what I can do, how I can do it and when; I came across a bit saying to that as soon as you can walk without a limp to stop using a crutch.

Did you know there are different types of limp . Think mine is antalgic LOL!

Well I never had a crutch! And I've had limps from various aches and pains for years now. But it got me thinking about my walking. Did I have a limp or not? Did I need to limp? Was I limping and if so when and why?

As well as my basic physio exercises I've been doing I've been trying to do a short walk with the dog on good ground to get my leg  strength back after 2 weeks on the sofa. It's tiring, by the time I'm back at the house I am limping due to fatigue and discomfort. Hey I'm doing a whole kilometre, on the flat LOL!

Oddly though, I've noticed at other times I'm limping when there is no limping to be done. Time's of stress, such as getting Beren to the car quickly in the rain and wind or just when I'm generally rushing or tired. But there often isn't a need to limp. It's not through pain, just habit!

So I'm currently trying to use Alexander technique principles to allow me to release tension and expand, lengthen up, widen out and extend forwards. Not thinking of limping, not thinking of not limping just allowing myself to both slow, release and move naturally. And you know what, when I do that the limp goes! Well there may be some noticable to an onlooker, but for me the difference is drastic.

So be up, be wide and let my body move. Something I should be doing all the time anyway.

Two books recommended to me, that I'd recommend to anyone who is interested and has no Alexander teacher are 'How you stand, How you move, How you live' and 'Body, Breath and Being'

As for the 'mo' it's getting along doing it's own thing. Irritating me constantly...

£35 donated so far, but you could donate mo...

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