Monday, 15 November 2010

Gunnister Voe; should have brought the otter lens...

Well this morning has been an odd one. I started out planning to go for a drive over to West Mainland Leisure Centre at Aith for a change of scenery and more weights machines. This would mean a lovely drive over 'The Alps Road' from Voe and possible a hobble up to The Burn Of Lunklet. Great. I'll take my camera too, no need for the telephoto though, just some photo's of the reflective Voes.

Well the road past Voe was closed! OK, I'll go to North Mainland Leisure Centre at Brae. Erm... we have schools in for an hour! Ermm... OK I'll go for a drive up to Nibon and Gunnister to sit for a while and enjoy the views and then come back...

Johnnie Mann's Loch just as you turn off the A970

Gunnister Voe looking lovely despite the over cast sky

The voe was like a millpond except for the radiating rings from seals at play; and a right splashing snorting racket they were making too. The 'arty' photos I took of the interlacing rings just didn't work, but here are the seals as they decided to follow me.

By now I knew I should have brought my telephoto lens, especially as I thought I'd look at a spot near Nibon where I've seen an otter before.

Obviously, with the wrong lens it was bound to be there, sitting eating a fish in front of my eyes as I sneaked round down wind of it. I did manage to get a few pictures though (my first) before it noticed me and dissapeared. With the wonder of digital technology and cropping I've managed to get a few pictures that atleast show the otter.

 Having a swim

A roll on it's back

And the last I saw of it

Now time to get back to the gym for my exercises, home for dinner and then feet up.


  1. That picture of Johnie Mann's Loch would make a great jigsaw puzzle. But, it got me wondering, who was Johnnie Mann? Often in Shetland when a loch is named after a person it was because they drowned in it. Maybe find the answer to that question some day. :D

    And. Mo is looking good. You'll maybe be able to revert to colour photos again soon. LOL!!!

  2. I wonder if Boots can do photos as puzzles? We did a calendar with them last year.

    As for the 'mo' it's driving my crazy, itchy tickly hairy thing grrrr... But yes I reckon I could revert back to colour now but it'd spoil my time lapse project LOL

  3. Here you go Auld Een, only up to 1000 piece though, keep you busy and hour or so?