Sunday, 14 November 2010

A gentle sail...

Today me and my boat partner were going to start to strip out the boat for refurbishing over winter, but due to an injury he couldn't make it. Being such a lovely day with a very light wind I asked another friend if he fancied a little sail out instead. I really wanted to get out on the water; he could sail and 'show me the ropes' and my knee should be fine if I wasn't doing all the work.

The wind was unbelievably light for up here, practically non-existant, but you could see it out on the water and some chimneys said it was there too, so we went for it.

I had my handheld GPS which was reassuring as it told us we were actually moving, around 1km/h at first. The wind that was out in the open water vanished and for a while we were very sedately crusing along at may be 3km/h. I was lovely though; still water, sun, the odd seal, otter, heron and shags.

Sailing down wind from Brae

Sails goose winged going down wind

More down wind sailing towards Muckle Roe

We had a few squally showers come through which was surprisingly nice; it meant we actually got some wind and topped out at just over 10km/h. Woah... speeding compared to our exremely relaxed pace the rest of the time. Be nice to get out in a nice steady wind though.

As you can see, apart from the jib halyard needing tensioning properly and a few other sloppy issues, the sails need a real good cleaning and alot of the rope work needs replacing, plus sanding and painting inside the hull. Never the less we had a grand hour or so pottering about out from Brae Boat Club. My friend showed me a thing or two about sailing like how to 'Hove To' amongst other things and we had a good bit of fun.

I had to be very careful, and didn't have to do much of the grunt my knee, so luckily my knee was only a bit achey after the outing. I was just tired more than anything. Time for feet up on the sofa now though and a few tablets.

May be she'll get stripped out next weekend, but if the weather's fine...


  1. "still water, sun, the odd seal, otter, heron and shags"
    Bliss :-) I want to get back to nature too!!

  2. Well, you know where it is... :o)

  3. ...Shetlands?

  4. LOL well you'd be welcome, but I meant Dartmoor, Devon etc. LOL

    P.S. incase the name police are looking it's just Shetland or the Shetland Islands :o)

  5. Yeah, as I wrote it I thought, is 'Shetlands' correct? If the name police were reading, I was just testing!
    hehe - Exmoor's my fave place so far!