Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A bit of winter

It was white over this morning when we got up. Nothing to shout about, but neither me nor the dog relished going out, rather nippy!

The drive in to work was ok, but during the day we could see wave after wave of snow coming in from the north-east across Bressay. At one point there was a little 'tornado' of snow whirling it's way across the sooth mouth, amazing, pity I hadn't the camera handy!

Out and about I caught a couple of pictures of the hardy Shetland Ponies braving the elements, they're so cute. I felt very guilty when they came up wanting some food I didn't have to offer.

The snow's not thick, but it's been on and off all day. The drive back north wasn't too clever with lots of slush and the road white over in plenty of places. Been a few smashes today too. The good news is it's meant to get worse with higher winds and more snow as the week goes on. Should be fun!

A winter moon...

Oh, the manly mo is still growing. Still itching. Still getting a laugh or two. In a weeks time it will be gone though...mwahahahahaaaaa!!!

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