Friday, 12 November 2010

12th Movember...

Still needing some encouragement to grow mo 

It's more than just a chance for you to laugh at me...

A bit more rehab. at the gym this morning for my knee. All's going well for general potteriness; I'm just glad the weather of late has be so Shetlandic otherwise I would be really feeling the strain to be out and about.


  1. Looking good, suites you.
    Maybe even beat me before the end of the month. :) :)
    But are you going to keep it when Movember is finished????

  2. Cheers :o)

    At the moment I don't think I will keep it after Movember, finding it annoying but if it looks half decent by the end of the month you never know I might!

  3. Facial hair can be a bit itchy for a few weeks, but once you have a well established mustache it is a dual purpose thing. It keeps your upper lip warm, and then there is always Boon's explanation, which translated to English would be something like:
    "It absorbs the froth from the beer so that you have something nice to suck on in the morning".