Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Will the real Hamnavoe please stand up!

With a morning of fierce wind, rain, hail and snow it was pretty pointless going anywhere other than 'da toon' to get a few bits and bobs and give my friend a chance to discover the shopping delights of Lerwick.

We ended up meeting with Clare for lunch at Osla's and afterwards the sun had made an appearance.As I'm always told it's always sunny in Scalloway we headed out that way and then over to Burra and Meal beach for a quick visit.

I'd not planned to do more than visit the beach, but with a break in the weather to go further was tempting and we headed off round the headland. I'd heard that there were caves that lead out to the sea on the way to the lighthouse, so while we were here it seemed a shame not to investigate that. 

Not having planned to go anywhere other than 'da toon' I'd no camera with me, only my increasingly decrepit mobile. Probably a good job for as we crossed Meal Beach, admiring the crashing green waves and the enormous breakers out on the rocks at sea, and headed round the headland towards the lighthouse on Fugla Ness the weather changed for the worse.

Looking south down Burra

As we approached the lighthouse it was more than obvious that this wasn't the Hamnavoe  lighthouse with caves. It suddenly dawned upon me that it must be one of the other Hamnavoes! No caves here just rocky and boulder strewn shores. Still it was a bracing walk with great views.

The light house

Just as we got to the lighthouse the wind picked up even more and we were pelted with rain and hail; time for a quick dash to shelter behind it. The relief from the wind and hail was wonderful.

Alan sheltering from the hail

Looking north as the squalls roll in

Looking back to the lighthouse from Hamnavoe

After walking back to Hamnavoe and a snack from the shop we took a very long and scenic drive home with heavy showers of hail and snow all the way Finally we relaxed in the house with a cuppa, listening to the windows rattle with hail. Tomorrow, if you believe the forecasts, is supposed to be sunny with light winds. Time will tell...

So will the real Hamnavoe with sea caves make it's location known, please? I love exploring and I just wish I could remember who it was that was talking about them so I could ask, but may be you know?


  1. I think the most likely Hamna Voe for nearby caves would be on Papa Stour.
    The other places with that name are all fairly cave free.

  2. Yeh I'll have to scour the maps, cheers for that. Wish I could remember who told me. Said it wasn't far off the road to the light house and came out in the cliff face...

  3. there are caves near the lighthouse at fugla ness you just have to look for them, ask in at halcrows shop next time you are out that way