Friday, 22 October 2010

Stormy Stanes O' Stofast

It's not been the best of weeks for my friend's first visit to Shetland; high winds, rain and now heavy snow and hail on and off for the the least couple of days. Well it is October.

Yesterday we ventured out to the Stanes O' Stofast amidst intermittent batterings of hail. The weather led to some beautiful scenery though.

Leaving Outrabister, a wave blows in, Ronas Hill white in the distance

We walked up round the north side of the loch having ocassional showers pummeling our back. Here's one on it's way over to Whalsay.

Another one heading out to sea

The mix of sun and showers gave some fantastic views. A stoat even popped out to say i'i' when we sheltered behind a wall through a particularly long and heavy blast. Obviously bemused it popped up again for a second look!

The wind and intensity of showers was only increasing and we sheltered behind the stones themselves before having to head back into the wind and hail of frozen peas.

It's only about 15 minutes back to the car, but going into the wind with the waves of hail coming over was painful at times. Time to keep your head down and hood up; other than when admiring the rainbows...

or the dusted hills

Finally at the car we could catch our breath and sit out the latest hammering before setting off home for a hot cuppa, briefly stopping on the way to leave our mark at a geocache around here...

When we did get home I found the posty had left me an appointment for knee surgery in Aberdeen next thursday, yikes, talk about short notice! See here if you're really interested!

I'm glad it's come through. I just wasn't expecting it for another couple of months and then for it to be in Lerwick, not a plane ride away. That'll put me out of action for a few weeks so I'd better make the best of the breaks in the weather while I can!


  1. Your photographs are truly stunning. Some of them would translate really well into textile art.
    Thanks for the side bar link too :-)
    Good luck with the knee - will be thinking of you!

  2. Cheers Karen :o) Feel free to use any of them if you want to. Clare's been knitting and felting but thinking of weaving.

    Hi to Mark too


  3. I bet she's never stopped knitting since you got there!!
    Weaving will be great. Is she spinning too?