Sunday, 10 October 2010

Shock, AWE and going potty

Big Green, my trusty Astra, got to the point where it was getting unreasonably pricey to keep it on the road. We've had a bit of a tempestuos relationship from the start as I had to get her to replace the lovely Lulabelle De Ville, my old LDV camper when we moved up here. But she's shown us lots of Shetland and faithfully carried kayaks and other gear about even through the snow and ice of last winter. Anywa she's gone to a nice croft to spin about to her hearts delight.

This has lead to the shock and realisation that my cars are actually getting older the more I get. My first was an E reg Metro 20 years ago and I seem to be going back that direction in the registration department! My new old car is now an N reg. Pug 306. But as you can see by the registration it is AWEsome!

On the plus side it's diesel, has a towbar, good body work, working electrics, sunroof and a long MOT. It has a few quirks, but I think we'll get on well.

Now, what is driving us really potty is the 4th round of potty training. Clare's taken some time off and we're pretty much confined to barracks whilst we try yet again to toilet train Beren. He'll sit on our collection of potties and the toilet no problem. He can hold his bladder now so his not randomly piddling about the place, which is an improvement. But he won't perform, atleast not where we'd prefer!

He's happy enough though, even running round the garden in a stiff cold breeze with only wellies and t-shirt on pretending to be a chicken!

Now I've gone potty and resorted to leading by example. Sit on the toilet and get a sticker off Clare for sitting on it. Next, and this strains the boundaries of marital intimacy, perform in front of all to be rewarded with a jelly baby by Clare and much applause!!!

Well, Beren found it amusing, as did I, but it's not had the desired role modelling effect. May be I'll be a good boy again and get some more jelly babies though...

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