Sunday, 10 October 2010

Reawick and Sand beaches

Things were going nothing remotely like well with the potty training, so this afternoon we decided to cut our losses and get out while the weather was nice. Initially the plan was to visit Michael's Wood near Aith and then got to the Sunday tea and carboot at Aith Hall, but after visiting the wood we decide to go further and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Rushing about I forgot my camera so you'll have to put up with the old mobile pictures.

First stop was Reawick, a place I have fancied kayaking from to explore this bit of the West. It's a lovely beach and you pass and other great little accessible beach and launch site, Red Ayre, on the way there.

Here's a few pictures of the beach at Reawick:

Looking north

Looking east

 Beren enjoying a ride

A couple of friendly pigs came to say 'i'i'

Next stop was Sand, not far away and now well off the beaten track, but once it was a busy through route as well as a focus of fishing and whaling. Apparently they used to drive whales up the voe and finish them off on this beach.

 Here's the first view of the beach with remains of old stone jetties visible

The jetties are in bad repair now but they must have been worth the effort

This yoal won't be going any where again, the moss and lichen are holding it together!

Looking back to Sand and the remains of St Mary's Chapel

Not much left of the chapel now, but location is stunning

Finally, the manor house on the hill as the sun lowers

There are so many places to explore. We plan to go back for some walks around the headlands, but also for some kayak trips, including visiting the few remains of an Abbey on a nearby island, Kirk Holm. Next time I'll make sure I have my camera though.

The day was finished off with a visit to The Brae Indian Takeaway, well it is our holidays!

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