Sunday, 17 October 2010

Messing about on (and over ) the water

Saturday happened to be the first time the weather has been suitable and we've been free for a maiden voyage of the GP14 sailing dinghy that I've bought along with a friend to renovate and do some crusing in.

Just about ready for her first trip out

Out on Vidlin Voe, looking back to Vidlin

My friend Alan,  who is visiting, enjoying the ride

As did Jim who I share her with

The wind was light and inconsistent, but we managed to go out for a while around Lunna Kirk before heading back in. It was my first time out sailing so Jim's instruction was pretty invaluable. When the wind did pick up and we had her trimmed right she picked up speed in a flash even with three of us on board. We only had the main sail up so it'll great to see her shift when we get the jib up some time, may be one day even the spinnaker, but one sail is enough to handle with the rudder for now.

We've also been busy out and about with my friend. All over Northmavine today from Eshaness to Ibister, including a Sunday Tea at Eshaness Community Hall and a visit to Tangwick Haa Museum.

Towards the end of the day we went for a walk from Collafirth, where the Altaire moors up, along the Burn O'Twa Roes and up the waterfalls there where I couldn't resist the obvious temptation...


  1. That video,,,, LOL
    Is it you or Beren that is the kid in the family. ;) :) :)
    Gave us a good laugh....

  2. Oh definitely me, some might say I'm a bad influence on him! Oddly he didn't try to follow me.