Saturday, 23 October 2010

Mavis Grind; Beren's first geocache find

Today was my friends last day of his holiday in Shetland, so when we got up to a sunny day with around force 3 north easterlies we headed off to Delting Boat Club at Brae for a short sail. The last chance for a while due to my knee surgery due this week.

Nothing to adventurous. We were out for about an hour with a top speed of about 11km/h which was pretty exhilarating. Travelling down to around Saltness Pier and across to near a skerrie, Burgastoo, was fun and we saw some basking seals near Burravoe.

The journey back was a little trickier but we made it and my tacking improved a hundred fold by the time we landed back in the marina. Just timed it right too as the wind began to pick up and we got a heavy shower as we where covering her up.

After a fantastic dinner courtesy of Clare we had time for a quick visit to a geocache before heading in to Lerwick for my friend's ferry sooth. It was breezy and cool, but sunny, as we strolled along the southern bank towards the Ness of Culsetter.

Beren was encouraged with the thought of finding treasure at the top of the hill and bravely plodded up the pretty steep slope without any help. He helped uncover the treasure box (Tupperware box) from under a pile of stones and with a slight of hand I managed to slip in a chocolate biscuit into it for him to find, along with a toy car he took too. He was a bit red in the face, cold and snotty, but happy.

In exchange for the toy car we left a few little cowrie shells from a Shetland beach and then set off back to the car. Beren slid half the way down the grassy hill on his well padded bum and then got his wellies stuck in a bog, but survived wellies intact; all great fun for a lad who's not yet 3.

Think we need to dig out last years snow suit and see if it still fits him. It's definitely getting to that time of year!


  1. Tough hill for a wee one, but he's not the first to surprise me by getting to the top at a similar age. Glad you found the cache, I love walking along the banks here which is why I chose this spot.

  2. Yeh, lovely spot, chers for that :o)