Sunday, 24 October 2010

It's cold out there...

It's been pretty bitter today with high winds again and hail showers just to add that extra 'winter is coming' feel. After lunch we went out for some more local treasure hunting (geocaching) with Beren. He really enjoys looking for the treasure, though the concept of leaving something in exchange for the treasure he finds is obviously difficult for him.

Here's Beren after exchanging his rabbit for a tape measure on Ladie Hill above Voxter Voe

Determined to carry his own little rucksack he soldiered up the hills, but the slope, cold and hail got the better of him eventually and I became pack horse for a while. He kept saying 'it's not far now' and even calling out 'where are you treasure?' as we got near the top of the hill. It was very amusing.

Here he is unearthing his first find of the day near Graven and a short walk from the car. Makka Pakka was exchanged for a shiny squid fishing lure (minus the hook)

Well definitely have to get together our own treasure cache for Beren to hide when we get chance.

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  1. What a lovely little blog, some beautiful pictures. Found it after searching for Throssel Hole as I live just along the valley from there. Looks like you live in an amazing place.