Sunday, 3 October 2010

boc, boc, bocboc, boc ah...

The day has finally come and we went to choose three hens from a friends Mum who breeds them. Beren chatted to them all the way home in the car and was really excited to see them.

Here they are just arrived home

One Welsummer

and two Light Sussex

They need to spend a good 24 hours in their new home before we let them out, which Beren is finding a bit frustrating, so are we really! The house seems small, but according to our chicken keeping bible it's big enough for about 8 hens. The water and feeders will go outside under shelter when we let them out. They've got an outside run and will get the run of the garden when we're about. 

I don't think we'll get any eggs from them until late January with the winter coming and their age, but that's not a problem, Beren will enjoy helping look after them and so will we.

Now all we need is names...

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