Friday, 3 September 2010

Swanning around...

I woke this morning feeling all excited. It was sunny, splendid, perfect, infact too perfect really, not a breath of wind.

In a few hours time I'd be on my first ever trip on sailing ship, and funnily enough a 110 year old one that was re-discovered in Hartlepool, not that far from where I'm from!

The problem with sailing though is the need for wind, not normally a problem up here, but today we had to motor out of the sooth mouth a way towards Bressay before putting up the sails.

Looking up the mast

We raised the mainsail, disappointingly there was no sailorly song to sing,

and with the jib up too were underway

Well we were under way, just, pushing 2.2 knots, at other times only managing about 1.2 knots, so we sailed a bit and motored a bit. The sailing was just sublime.

As we rounded Bressay we came eventually to the Giants Leg.

Occasionally we stopped to fish, jigging with handlines for mackerel, slowly moving on to get a view of the back of Bressay with Noss in the distance.

After a while we had plenty of fresh caught mackerel to fillet and fry, coated in oatmeal and pepper, delicious.

I relaxed after tea, biscuits and mackerel as my photo was snapped and we returned to Lerwick, extremely happy and a little red in the face from a fantastic day on the sea.

A trip on the Swan is the experience of a life time they advertise. They do half-day and evening trips in the summer as well as full day and longer trips. The boat is great, down below is not as cramped as you'd expect, though you may think different if you spent a few days at sea. I hope I can go back some time for a longer trip or even volunteer to crew.

Next instalment will be the aptly named and planned 'The Lunna Sea Row', taking place over this weekend, so watch this space...

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