Thursday, 2 September 2010

Summer's back!!

After what can hardly be called a brilliant summer up here we seem to have gotten a few days in a row of sunshine and no wind!

Rowing at Vidlin has been fantastic on an evening. Tonight I've just been rowing at Brae with the youth squads, followed by fish and chips, and tomorrow I'm out on the Swan with work. It's a hard life just now...

On the way to work and out and about today I couldn't help but take some photo's; here's some of them to show you that Shetland isn't always windy never mind wet!

Lunna raises images of Avalon

Mist lifts from Voe

The Clift Hills stand sentry over Burra

Boats sit peace in East Voe Marina, Scalloway

Ponies graze on Trondra

and a mysterious airbourne ship hovers off Gulberwick

I'm really hoping that this weather continues tomorrow for the sail on the Swan and also for the club row around Lunna Ness this weekend.

Oooh I'm all excited...


  1. Steven John Rowan2 September 2010 at 21:38

    Thank you for posting these fantastic photos. Only problem is it makes me and my wife homesick! We're both Shetlanders, moved away to uni at 17 and have only visited every year or two since. Now in late 30s with 3 bairns, and living in a beautiful part of north Yorkshire, we still yearn to "come hom" at times. It's great to hear about your enthusiasm for Shetland and we enjoy following your blog.

  2. Flat calm pictures like that are normal here in Norway, but getting pictures like that in Shetland is amazing.
    I particularly like the one of Voe. The reflection of the hill is just perfect. I always judge pictures in terms of "Would that make a good jigsaw?" And that one would.

  3. 7.30am and it's another corker, hope there's wind for the Swan today!

    Just hope it hangs around for the weekend and our rows round Lunna Ness. one way saturday and the other way with another team Sunday, around 24 nautical miles in total. My fault I organised it!

    Interesting to see which pictures people like, the first of Lunna withthe mist is mine.

    @ Steven, where are you in North Yorkshire, I'm from just south of Saltburn.

  4. Near Richmond, Kev - beautiful but no sea for miles! I havent actually made it over to Saltburn; hope the weather stays kind for your aquatic adventures; keep the photos coming!

    PS any of these photographs make Shetland look like the paradise it can be, but I particularly like the clift hills and endless horizon over burra.
    PPS I also enjoyed the radio4 programme on shetland dialect & poetry last week, but missed the moder-dye reference