Saturday, 11 September 2010

Stanes of Stofast

After a fun morning in Lerwick, playing in the park, watching Toy Story 3, having a nice meal with my Mam and finding a pair of size 12 shoes that fit me, we left for a tour of Nesting heading towards Lunna and the Stanes of Stofast.

Parking up at Outrabister at the end of the road on Lunna Ness we set off across the moor towards the Stanes, only about 1km away.

Here's Mam enjoying the nice weather on her holiday

Beren was pretty tired but seemed to manage to perform for the camera better than he'd walk. The Stanes are in the far background.

They look quite impressive from a distance, but close up they are something else in this landscape of gentle moorland.

The view from the top is pretty cool too. Here looking out towards Whalsay

and down on Beren and Clare

Beren wasn't too happy with Dad having all the fun, so we got him up on one of the more accessable stones for him to enjoy the view.

There was a great view back over the voes from Lunna to Mossbank too.

A grand day out with some brilliant sightings of herons, including 2 flying along side the car together for close on a minute, but I had to get back home and rush out again.

I had a date with the GP14 we've got. Just an opportunity to turn her over an inspect the underside for any repairs. A few screws were replaced in the rubbing strips either side of the keel slot, but other than that there were just  some patches to sand and inspect. They turned out to be fine. I lick of paint and she'll soon be ready for a maiden voyage. Internally she needs lots of sanding and painting, but that can wait until the weather is too bad to sail her; there's nothing desperate.

I'll save any pictures for her maiden voyage.

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