Sunday, 19 September 2010

Shetland Slope Soaring

I woke up this morning to a lovely sunny day with a light breeze. Being me, I was desperate to get out and DO something, kayaking was top on the list. Luckily I have a sensible half called Clare who told me WE were taking it easy today.  So off I sulked for a lie down. I was soon was snoring, only to be woken by Beren jumping on me a good while later.

We decided to go for a little drive out, have a quick look at the sailing dinghy and then a picnic. Just then I remembered my old radio controlled glider I'd brought up with me. I quickly got it out the loft and checked it over; battery was a bit low, but not too bad.

It's only an old foam flying wing but the sort of thing that is great for flying when you've not done it for a long time and also good for trying out new slopes; it's fairly indestructable.

Being a westerly we headed up a road that leads over to Collafirth in Delting. The wind was only light but enough to get off and scratch about with the odd loop and roll when speed allowed.

Beren enjoyed watching the plane. With the light winds and light model I could risk flying up pretty close to, and around us, so he could almost catch it. A few times we ran out of air and he joined in retrieving the plane.

Unfortunately the battery was soon too low so we returned home and I put it on charge in case we could get out later. After tea we did return to the slope, but the wind had dropped off a lot, as it often does on an evening. We managed a few scratching flights before giving up. The good news is that it must be a worthwhile site on the right day as a paraglider pilot arrived just as we were thinking of leaving, no way was he going to fly today though, shame as it would have been great to watch in the sunset.

Here's the view from the slope in day and at sunset, lovely.

and Clare and Beren enjoying the view

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