Friday, 24 September 2010


Things have been rather busy of late and to be honest I'm feeling a bit fraught with one thing and another. More than a bit ruffled at times.

Looking at our recent additions of Dharma talks from Rev Master Myoho at the Place of Peace Dharma House in Wales I decided to start listening to them on the long drive to and from work. Not 'religiously' but as and when I might feel the need to centre myself.

Ironically the first CD I decided to listen to had a talk on reflection. Taking time to ask a question about an issue or some such thing and then letting the question drop as you sit, not looking or an answer or expecting one. I've been listening to that talk alot.

So I've been allowing my question to float about in and out of awareness for a while now. Being aware of this has helped me to be aware of my mental state and to rein in that monkey mind some what, not always, but the more I do it the easier it is. Over thinking is not a good thing for the tired mind, stopping is what's needed.

It's also helped me notice how easy it is to get distracted and drawn into the less positive dynamics of life, particularly in the workplace. And how some have a knack for drawing you in, feeding the fire so to speak. Of course we only really get drawn in if we want to. So the question arising in relation to that is why do I? Well I have some ideas.

In other news...

The Green Peace protesters on the Stena Carron deep sea drilling boat moored off Bressay have given in to legal threats against their occupation of one of the anchor chains after a few days hanging about in rough seas and should be removing their 'survival pod' tomorrow, weather permitting.

Not surprisingly there has not been too much support for them in a place that has a lot to be grateful to the oil industry for and also a place that has pretty much shown that oil exploration, well managed, can tread the fine line between providing the means for modern living and not destroying the environment.

I have a lot of time for supporting environmental concerns, including some of their campaigns, but quite frankly this just seems to be a pointless publicity prank off the back of the Gulf of Mexico distaster.

Ironically none of the technologies they need would exist without the products of oil and industrialisation and  the amount of fuel they must have been using to zoom in and out on their RIBs and have their support vessel The Esperanza crusing around out of distance from the authorities must be fairly phenominal. Not good for their carbon footprint.

My message to Greenpeace, think before you act and save your resources for battles that are more deserving and accurately targetted.


  1. Agree entirely with your thoughts on Greenpeas ;)
    Have a great weekend Kev.


  2. I completely agree with you over the Greenpeace thing - I had the same thoughts. Then again, I'm also not a supporter of them generally as they seem to focus too much on the PR and being hateful to those who don't agree with them than actually doing anything to support the initiatives & work being done on sustainable alternatives and/or conservation.