Friday, 10 September 2010

Oh where did I put that whale, where did I put that whale?

Well the news has been full of the news of the humpback whale; divers have been flown up from sooth to free it, their specialist equipment is coming over on the ferry tonight, but now it's gone!

Not necessarily a good thing though.  No one knows at present whether it has dragged the creels, lines and weights off with it somewhere or whether it has become more entangled and been pulled down under the water.

I assume as the divers are here now they'll be searching the area for any signs of the whale or the creel gear that it was tangled in.

Unless it's managed to free itself of the creel lines and they've drifted off neither situation is good. It's either dragging around heavy lines that'll cut into it or it's drowned...

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