Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Not quite a punt on the Thames

Tomorrow night is our last club rowing night of the year and it'd forecast to be a doozy with, off shore 26+mph winds and rain. Sticking with the theme of discomfort I thought I'd just post a small selection of photos of the team I'm in in action. As you'll see by our faces yoal racing over 1km is not a gentle punt on the Thames, it is oddly fun though!

 There's not need to tell us twice when it's over. 6'ish minutes of only concentrating on the oar in front is hard enough, never mind the rowing!

Thankfully there's always plenty of oppportunity for restocking on vital fluids and fodder afterwards and the excitment of cheering on our fellow teams. It's hard work racing, but excellent fun. and a good day out.

Where in need of a few more younger men for next year so if you fancy giving it ago drop me a line. And we do have some laid back social rows too to explore the area out of race season.

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