Saturday, 25 September 2010

Mrs Chickenses

Well we've talked about it for some time, a friend has pure breeds of hens for sale and today we finally got round to making a small hen house, enough for 3 or 4 little ladies.

Beren was really excited trying to help make the hen house, saying it was for his hens to sleep in and even managing to crawl in through the pop hole, just, to lie inside before we'd put the nest boxes and roosting poles in.

Now we've got to go and choose our Mrs Chickens but that can wait until next weekend;another little bit of fun for Beren. I've done enough for one day and my wrist is killing with all the hammering.

Here's Beren inspecting the house. It may get a lick of paint too.

No one home yet Beren!

Really no one is in yet!

Here it is with it's moveable fencing

The house is designed to fit inside our veggy beds so that the hens can feed and scrat about, manuring it as they go. We can then move it further along the bed and let them clear and manure that section next. Well that's the theory. The bed edges need a little tidying up for a good fit and I just need a bit more wire to wrap around the back of the house.

All things considered a busy and fun day. Unbelievably Beren didn't manage to hurt us or himself with his little hammer!

Now to rest! I've organised a row up Ronas Voe for tomorrow to see the amazing rock features and get across to Lang Ayre, a beach only accessible by boat. Should be fun...


  1. Looking forward to your post on the Ronas Voe trip. Lang Ayre is a place I've always wanted to visit since I believe there are ruins of fishing stations there.

  2. Just hope the sea fine for it, it can get a bit lumpy towards the end. Wins are calming here now and the forecast is good. If I see anything likely looking I'll take a pic or two...