Thursday, 9 September 2010

Humpback Whales and other tales

Well I'm now the proud (part) owner of a 1967 GP14 sailing dinghy with a friend from vidlin Rowing Club. It's actually in pretty good condition considering the low price we paid for it and it's age. The plan is to try it out a bit before the winter arrives and then do the, mainly, cosmetic internal work needed on it over the winter.

This isn't ours but it's basically the same.

We're planning to use it to potter about, not race.  I've also got a Diawa 35lb thrust electric outboard for it so we can just use it as a small boat. Should be great for trips out in the summer with Beren and more suited to the odd bit of camping than overloading the tandem kayak to a ridiculous amount.

With outdoor rowing only having a couple of weeks to go I've signed up for the Concept 2 Online Ranking. Something a number of us at the rowing club are doing to keep the motivation and fitness going through the winter. Today I did the O'Neil Test for the first time ever with a distance of 1060m in 4 minutes, which put me on the way to the 'above average level' for my weight/age group. Now knowing what it's like I reckon I could get myself into the above average group next time, only an extra 28 meters to do. I'm going to rowing short sessions over the winter using the Tabata Protocol. A high intensity interval training workout, which I hope will continue to build my level of fitness and capacity for aerobic exercise.

The weather at the moment is pretty dire after the week of sun we've had. It's now gales and rain with ferries delayed and re-routed and now today reports of a humpback whale tangled in ropes off Orra Wick, Vidlin (where our yoal is named after).  The radio this evening said that with the current poor forceasts it could be saturday before it can be released, but some seem to think it could be longer. Atleast experts say it could survive a few weeks if it had to, let's hope it's freed quickly though.

Here's a picture from The Shetland Times online

I might try and get out there tomorrow to see what's what and update you on events.

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