Sunday, 12 September 2010

Burn of Lunklet, extreme skinny dipping

We were all pretty exhausted after yesterdays full on activities and had a lazy morning before going for a trip out to The Burn of Lunket, just off the Voe to Aith Road, as the day started to brighten up.

The falls were in full flow and looked very inviting

Having missed my refreshing dips in random places lately I decided on a bit of extreme skinny dipping, just the thing to waken you up on a sleepy day.

On my way up for a little jump in the pool. Not as deep as I'd like, but still good fun.

Splashing good fun!

I don't think my Mam was quite sure what to make of it!

On the way back to the car we passed a couple having a gentle stroll up the path not aware of the Shetland wildlife rarity they'd just missed!

Next on the agenda was the Burn of Valayre, but no swimming this time, but a wander through the culvert under the road out to the beach, followed by Sunday teas and fun at Voxter House just off the Brae to Sullom Voe road.

Phew, glad it's work tomorrow, time for a rest...

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