Monday, 16 August 2010

Vementry; a little kayak camping

This weekend was a first for us, a kayak camping trip! How to fit 3 sets of everything in a tandem kayak including 2 adults and a child was a bit challenging, but we did it!

Beren doesn't seem so sure he'll fit in...

The plan was to paddle a short way from Brindister, near Clousta, to Suthra Voe on Vementry, camp the night and explore a bit, before paddling back. More than enough adventure for a little boy of less than 3.

Just about ready for the off

Here we are unpacking after arriving at our little camping peninsular, hopefully sheltered, but not too sheltered to let the midge get us. Beren actually fell asleep as we paddled over!

Home for the weekend

Some views of Suthra Voe

Beren had a great time exploring our little piece of paradise

Hunting for shells and crabs

Spotting seals

and playing clap sticks

We were lucky as there weren't too many midgies, but they chose their time to attack, basically went we sat down to eat. However, I can now attest to the midge deterring power of Avon Skin So Soft. The little blighters still annoy the death out of you, but the skin product really does stop them biting. It's great!

Here's Clare slapping it on while Beren watches his Grandad cook up a curry

On the evening we had a big fire of collected wood and plastic debris from the area, yucky smoke for a while, but we left the beaches a bit cleaner.

Saturday was a great day and in the evening we went to sleep looking forward to the next day.

The morning was another gorgeous one and we got ready to go for a paddle to get some respite from the ticklish midgies.

Clare's Dad and Sue went out to circumnavigate Vementry and had a walk up to the old gun placements on the outer headland. Being in a less able craft and with Beren in tow we explored a few of the small islands in the more ssheltered voes of the area, watched the seals and birds before returning to strike camp and paddle back to the car. Beren had another sleep on the paddle back, obviously not a stressful event for him!

On our way home we spotted the rowers on the Brae to Aith yoal race just heading in towards Aith. A journey of around 8 miles that Clare would have done a couple of weeks back if it hadn't been cancelled then due to the weather. I think she was glad she couldn't make the new date due to our camping trip!

So where next, decisions decisions...


  1. Thats excellent kev - looks like you had a really great time. How about a paddle to Vaila to see the sperm whale skeleton.

  2. Cheers :o)

    Where about's is the sperm whale skeleton on Vaila? Fancied going there some time anyway, but more so knowing that.