Friday, 20 August 2010

A pause for thought and renewal

I've been thinking for a while about my blog, it's nature, direction and why I started it.

The title moder-dye (a shetlandic expression) seemed to mean something to me even though in a strict maritime sense it's meaning doesn't hold true. It touched me with a slightly deeper meaning to do with my life and the move to Shetland helping me to re-gain my self from amidst the clapotis of life that had built up around me. How ironic then to hear that it never was meant to be a physical phenomenon, but meant more of a homing instinct that draws you home.

This blog never had a set direction. It started out as a way to let folks back home know what we were up to in our new life and a bit of a way for me to have some 'occupation' whilst I was unable to work. I had thought's that some of my personal philosophies may creep in, I had no intention of being a photo-aholic!

Whether it's a settling in to life here, work or the seemingly rapid change in the season I find myself feeling that the flavour of the blog may change, I don't know how, but after reading Rev Mugo at Jade Mountain commenting on Rev Alicia at Reading Priory's  post about renewal:

Renewal is a different concept to rest. Renewal is a change of pace, time out from the usual routine of work, an opportunity to relax, yes, but in skillful ways that keep the training going and allow it to be expressed in other ways. It is a chance to ask 'what would it be good to do that would renew/refresh me in mind and body?'
I feel a change is a foot, a change reflected in a changing me.

I sit here now thinking why am I writing this? What am I saying? Do I need to say anything? Probably not, it will be what it is and always has been, a reflection of what is going on in parts of our life. The parts that are reflected may vary more though.


  1. Which ever direction your blog goes in has nothing to do with anything other that what you are thinking. That's what blogs are for, your thoughts.
    However, writing a blog may be just your thougts, whereas reading a blog is all about finding something interesting.
    Perhaps you started writing about Shetland, and taking pictures of Shetland, to show to people who have never seen the place, but you've managed to show me so many places in Shetland that I've never seen, although I've stayed there for nearly 50 years.
    And, as apart from Shetland and the great pictures, somehow I got to reading Rev Mugo's blog, and that got me thinking.
    It's all about thoughts.
    Keep up the good work.
    :) :)


  2. Thanks for that Robbie :o)

  3. Well, this has all got me thinking! I guess particularly the way the internet works to link people up, link their up 'thinking' to be specific. So I guess that's why I'll be posting the photograph of the hut from Robbie's blog today. 'cos we are linking our thinking - and thoughts are not separate from any other part of functioning. And because, yes, I have a bit of a 'thing' about huts too!

  4. One of the more positive wonders of the internet!

  5. I find it focuses my thoughts when I'm writing. A little cathartic too. And you get to meet new and interesting people. And learn about places far away. And get inspiration too.
    Sometimes I ask myself too, why I'm writing...but creating something is fun,eh :-)