Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lerwick Yoal Racing Regatta

Today was the last league race of the season for us yoal rowers. It was the first time I'd been to Lerwick Boating Club and a lovely place it is too, with a deck, water front jetty and pontoon, plus a great view of the sound and Lerwick water front.

Here's a galley that you can hire for your own amusement if you and 11 mates wish to do so. We had enough to contend with rowing our yoal, though it would be fun for a group trip out.

Actually today was a fantastic day for Vidlin Rowing Club, as was the weather. Our under 21 women got another solid first, which was brilliant. My voice is still hoarse from shouting them on.

Good reason to cheer

Beren enjoyed shouting the teams on and whooping when they won, though he looks like he may have forgotten his hand bag here!

All the Vidlin teams did fantastic with 2nds and 3rds and excellent leaugue results. Clare, rowing in the Open Womens Team came in 2nd, a great result which made her very happy.

Here she is getting ready for the off.

And finishing just behind Nesting

I was in the Open Mens and we came a very credible 3rd. Next season though it'll be the Veterans team for me; lucky me I'll still get to row in the Mens Open too. So two sessions of pain instead of just the one to enjoy on a weekends!

Mmm... a few more weeks of open water training and then it'll be time to figure out a winter training plan to make sure I'm fit an fast for next year.

Clare's Dad and partner arrive off the boat tomorrow, complete with kayaks and big expectations, so expect a few more kayak trip reports in the next week or so...

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