Friday, 6 August 2010

Kayaking; Vementry and The Holms of Uyea

With a calm sea and light winds it seemed a shame not to make the most of it and get out on the kayak, so we headed out west, past Aith, to Noonsbrough for a paddle. We set off paddling at low water going roughly north-east between the mainland and Vementry, intending to lunch at The Holms of Uyea Sound before returning.

Launching at Noonsbrough

Here were are entering Cribba Sound

and on towards an un-named island (on the map)

and the narrow gap between Vementry and the mainland with pens for sorting, dipping and loading sheep. It's only around a 30m swim to get across. The other side of the narrows is Uyea Sound.

Paddling alongside Vementry offered superb views of it's impressive landscapes

A few point of note before we got to The Holms of Uyea ...

Here's our little cosy spot to land on one of The Holms of Uyea, almost a noost, with a little climb up to the top of a grassy isle...


...where we scared the living day lights out of 4 lonely unsuspecting sheep. The little bit of green paradise was lovely on a day like today but I wouldn't like to be those sheep, are they supposed to be there? Other than where we landed there was no other way on.

The views from the isle were fantastic. Across the way was Muckle Roe and the light house I'd kayaked to before our trip 'sooth'.

Looking out to sea further along Vementry, you can see it's a big island

and back to Vementry on the mainland (confusing)

After lunch we explored the area around and in between the holms, hoping to maybe see the otter who's spraint we'd found or the seal pups and mums that had also scarpered when we'd arrived.

It was then off onwards towards Swarbacks head as we were feeling like going a bit further, but by the time we'd crossed Lamba Wick we knew we didn't have either the time or energy for it. With spur of the moment decision we headed in to the beach at Lamba Wick and portaged across a couple of hundered yards of grassy saddle to put back in at South Voe. It saved a good bit of paddle and was a laugh too, if you ignored the rotting sheep and seal.

It was then just a case of paddling back to Noonsbrough via a very slightly different route and stopping in Aith for a few more refreshments from the Co op. All in all a great little venture to celebrate our return home.

Tomorrow is Voe Show and a chance to rest up before Lerwick Regatta on Sunday. The last yoal league race of the season and an important one too. The following Sunday being the last race of the season with a seven mile (ish) race from Brae to Aith. Luckily Clare is down for that one!


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  2. What's that massive bird in the 6th picture down? Looks like a Terradactyl :-)
    Like the new look of your blog too!

  3. Cheers.

    The bird is the ever present Shag, they can be quite spooky and noisy too when you're near the nest.

    Bird life has really quietned down now.