Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sumburgh head, Cunningsburgh show and bits and bobs

We had a busy few days with relatives staying. Clare's back at work and I've been out enjoying myself in the sunny summer with them kayaking up Ronas Voe and Sullom Voe, but as I've been in my 'proper' sea kayak I've not got any photos, paddling takes all my attention. And a good job there was no camera too as I did manage to go for an unintentional swim in one of the caves.

Plans are for a paddle round Muckle Roe tomorrow if the weather and sea state holds, pity I've been wearing my self out at rowing tonight and doing the tour guide bit today then!

Plans for today were to go to Sumburgh Head and then Cunnisnsburgh Show, before meeting Clare at the Gurkha Kitchen Nepalese Restaurant for tea and then for me to go rowing. Some how even more got squeezed in. First we went to Aith via 'The Alps Road' and onto Bonhoga Art Gallery to see the rings collection they have on at the moment. We continued the scenic route to Tingwall with a stop to take pics over Whiteness.

Then it was through Tingwall and past Ting Holm and onto Sumburgh via, Bigton and Scousborough. We saw a few remaining Puffins with this one leaving us puzzled as it was collecting nest material; leaving it's bed nice and tidy for next year??

There were also a good few of what were, I pressume, fulmar chicks.


The weather was scorching there and the sea as calm as it ever gets but you could still pick out the tidal race round the head as you looked out to Fair Isle in the distance.

Then it was off to Cunningsburgh Show where I met a few friends, saw lots of cute animals and got sunburnt despite factor 50+ suncream.

Here's a pair of prize winning sheep looking cosy

Beren feeding a goat

Sam Davies brilliant portrait of Brian Johnston got him First Prize and the Best in Show Trophy, this photo doesn't do it justice, the detail is amazing.

 I loved the vegetable creatures, they're ace...

Beren enjoyed the bouncy slide too, throwing himself off the top kamikaze style, but somehow always ending up safe and happy at the bottom.

The whole show was great and I didn't even need my wellies, what a score! Big Bannock next, weh hey!

All in all a great day, but a big curry before rowing is definetly not to be recommended, even if it is very nice. Hope I can move tomorrow for the Muckle Roe circumnavigation...


  1. No wonder that painting won the Best in show prize. I've known the subject of that painting for many many years, wrote a few poems about him, enjoyed many beers with him, and it's good to see such a great painting done of him.
    When you get a chance tell the artist he's a genius.
    BTW, who is the artist?