Sunday, 1 August 2010

Back home, views from a moorland wedding

We've been away camping at Clare's cousin's wedding, about 8 miles away over the moors at Danby Castle  this weekend.

A lovely setting for the special couple to wed. Luckily for them the weather managed to more or less behave itself, certainly enough not to dampen anyone's spirits for the occasion. I love this bit of the moors, another place that as an older kid I'd walk and cycle.

The view from the castle

Looking towards Danby

 and up the valley

As the sun set and I was off to bed the party was only just starting back at the castle, the cows just munched on as ever.

The morning after, all packed up and full of breakfast we popped up to Danby Beacon on our way home. A place I like to visit both for the view, memories of horse riding and cycling up here but also because my Dad's ashes lie there abouts.

Wonderful views that Beren enjoyed too

To finish, looking back inland, sort of where we were.

Not long until we return to Shetland now, so I doubt I'll post before we return, but you never know...


  1. I like the beacon, and loved reading the info in the link about it.
    But, as usual, Beren kinda stole the show. I'll bet he enjoyed himself.
    Great post and great pics.

  2. Didn't know the RAF history myself but not surprised there are several 'sound mirroos' along the coast for listening out for planes/boats coming over the north sea.

    Glad you liked the pics. Need to get a polarising lens I think