Sunday, 18 July 2010

Voxter Centre woods

With a breezy but sunny morning outside Beren and I left Clare in bed for a little extra sleep and went to visit the 'woods' above the Voxter Centre off the Sullom Voe to Brae road.

I say 'woods' because for all it was great for Beren to explore it's really nothing much more than an strip of pretty much un-managed conifers. By Shetland woodland standards though it is a place of note.

As you approach the house there's a great view down Voxter Voe. On the left side of the road, not much further along, is the Burn of Valayre, another nice place to potter with kids.

There's a little walled garden too, which I think may have been an orchard at one point judging by a number of fruit trees. Now it is pretty much dominated by two nicely branching sycamores. Funny as back 'home' we used to receive grants to remove and stop sycamore spreading, but in Shetland it grows well, so is welcome and actually planted.

Here's Beren at the entrance to the woods, just about to disapear into the gloom.

Well much of it is pretty dark. Fun for exploring with kids, rabbit holes all over the place and a few dens that have been built from fallen branches. I know I'd love it as a place to mess around as a kid.

It was damp in places and obviously must get pretty wet at times as there are a few board walks nearer the bottom of the wood. We've had a fair bit of rain lately and it was fine, so it can't get too bad.

Once you get up the hill a bit there a nice open views from some of the woodland edges on to the surrounding countryside.
Towards Graven

Looking down to the Voxter Centre

On the way through the woods Beren picked a new friend, String. He trailed String all over, lifted him up over puddles and on the way back made me wait until String was through gates before I closed them.

Here's Beren and String enjoying the view from the top

We got home to some well earned bacon butties and relaxed until we were off again later to Whiteness and Weisdale rowing regatta. Unfortunately as the regatta went on the weather deteriorated, until until by the time Clare and I were racing it was pretty miserable weather and just got worse. We still had good fun though, rowing well and catching up with friends. All in all a pretty good day!

As I write this we've just had two trailer loads of sheared sheep and lambs unloaded out side the back garden and a right row they're making! The poor lad next door has just gone out and chased them away from the houses. By the look on his face they've just woken up his baby. May be we won't get a cockerel when we get the hens!

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