Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sitting still

Last night my Mam baby sat so we could go out to sit and meet with friends at Teesside Meditation Group, a Soto Zen meditation group affiliated with Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. A place we also hoped to visit whilst 'sooth', but it's unfortunately not going to happen this time.

It was great to see a few new members there and feel part of a group practising our tradition again. As soon as we started singing The Scripture of Great Wisdom the feeling was pretty indescribable.

We sat, as we do facing the wall, just sitting for around 20 minutes, walking meditation, then another 20 minutes sitting before singing The Litany Of The Great Compassionate One, some thing I feel a great connection to for some reason. A wonderful evening for us both.

The evening re-stirred thoughts of starting a Zen meditation group back up in Shetland or figuring out a sensible way I can attend the Shetland Buddhist Group. An eclectic group I enjoyed attending  before I started work, but now it means over a 3 hour wait in Lerwick after work, or going home only to drive all the way back to Lerwick a couple of hours later. Either way a very long day for me and lots of driving.

We'll be meeting up with friends from the Teesside Meditation Group in North Ormesby, Middlesbrough on Friday for a most excellent lunch at the Hindu Temple there.  A blessed veggie Thali, often a bit hot for me but very yummy!

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