Thursday, 1 July 2010

School's out for summer!!!

Well it will be at 12.05 tomorrow, and that's good enough for me. We were planning a weekend camping and kayaking on Fetlar, but the forecast is pretty poor. Gales and rough seas aren't what we want, but if we can get out in a shetlered spot somewhere that would be good.

I've been a bit quiet here the last couple of weeks. Mainly due to being extremely un-quiet in my non-cyber existence with work, rowing, gym and other things such as sleeping.

The first term back at work with a great bunch of people has been most excellent. Fun, challenging but also tiring especially with the Lerwick run (~60miles round trip) on top of any other driving. And boy oh boy is it expensive too! Pity I need a car for work, but work would not be the same without it and I would not be the same without work.

I've also been nursing a lingering cold/virus lurgibob too which is still giving me a sore throat and leaving me tired or more accurately snoring on the sofa before I know it LOL!

Here's Allec Cooper singing about how I've been feeling with my lurgibob thing.

Still rowing has been good and I rowed for Vidlin Rowing Club at the Burra Regatta last saturday. The open mens team I was in came 4th,  nearly 3rd, and I think the club are 2nd in the league overall just now. Could we make first by the end of the season? Time will tell. All I know is we all put our best into it and we come where we come, and that's all that matters.

Next race is at Aith on 11th July, but before then is the Brae to Aith charity row, about 7 miles. I'm dipping out of that to save my energy for the Aith race but Clare is hoping to join the mixed team for the  Aith to Brae, it's not supposed to be a race but set a bunch of boats off together and ...

Last Sunday saw us at Mavis Grind Foy, a sort of summer fair on the grassy area at Mavis Grind. Live music, fresh fish on the BBQ, homebakes, sand pile for the little ones, 5-a-side and a sunny day. I was caught out with the weather and got a good red bonce. This Foy was complete with a daft raft race. I was gutted not to know about it in advance. If I had we could put a team in with some co-intanglement of our plywood canoes from work. It was great fun and a lovely day and I did take lots of photos but just haven't had the energy to do anything with them. Sorry.

Glug the car managed to float it's way around the course, Frankie says relax was struggling with the wind due to it's life size cardboard cut out mascot on the back, the water babes were stars with their dust pan and flipper powered airbeds (gaffa taped together) and won very clearly, though another more professional  person team was on their heels. My over all favourite, and total disaster was a hippy and a clown ona  raft with a bike powered water wheel to drive it. Total failure (technical) but hilarious to watch. Oh, nearly forgot there was a random team of a piratical bent which seemed to have forgotten that it was a race and spent their time just harassing the other very serious competitors with flour bombs, water bombs and the odd ramming manouver!

I'll not be caught out next year. Hilarious. And one up and coming event I'm really looking forward to is The Big Bannock, which I believe is on in mid-August. Here's a taste of the past fun...

Rotavator racing

Pie Eating

No idea what this year will bring but I fancy a shot at it. I'm sure it'll be daft enough for me!

Now I do have a couple of photos to post, but if you're of nervous disposition look away now. Not because it's Beren in the bath, but because I'm in there too!

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