Monday, 19 July 2010

Muckle Roe Light House, Shags and Gannets

The walk there from Little Ayre started off in waterproofs but by the time I got there it was scorchio, that's Shetland for you! I've got to say the lighthouse was a big disappointment, but the coast was fantastic.

Looking across to Vementry

There's actually a massive cave more or less under the lighthouse, more of that if I get to kayak round tomorrow.

Here's a gannet flying past the guns on Vementry...

...and a small boat going out past the guns

I finally got some nice shots of gannets...

There was birds galore with the gannets, fulmars, herring gulls, great blackbacked gulls, arctic skuas, wheatears, ravens, black guilemots, puffins, pigeons, terns and shags.

The Terns were very active, but a bit to fast and agile for me today, got bad photos of them attacking an artic skua, but here's a nice one I caught of one at rest.

There were obviously a few shags nesting in the cave under the light house but this was the only one I could get to see, two in the nest.

Here's one just emerging from it's dive,empty beaked


and drying off

Looking down off one of the cliffs I spotted a jelly fish in the gjo, so here's one inspired by a friend's photo.

I took loads of landscape pictures but I'm having trouble with the exposure when it's so sunny and they get really washed out or but if I compensate for the bright back ground  on the camera the clouds look great but the foreground is very dark. Any ideas? Or do I just need to fork out for a polarising lens?

The wind is forecast to drop and swing north for tomorrow and if it does I hope to go along the same stretch of coast in my kayak and get some photos of the impressive bays, gjos, arches and stacks I saw...


  1. That jellyfish pic is coool!
    How far away were you to get that shot of their nest? That's some bionic lens!

  2. Hi PA yeh, I like the jelly fiah too. If you lok at the pics of the tren on a rock thetre's a jeely fish there too if you can spot it, looks like a smiley face!

    Only a 200mm lens, I was across the rock face may be 20 yards away. Been in there an under there today in the kayak and right under a kittiwake colony, very cool