Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Last post...

... well for a while. We're of sooth tomorrow evening for the best part of a fortnight to visit friends and family and try to give the estate agent a bit of motivation to sell our house there.

I am taking my camera so I'm sure I'll be posting something about our adventures. You can probably guess we won't be just sitting in drinking cups of tea.

Just to give you a taste here's a few old pictures of a few places with in 10 minutes walk from our old house...

The coast

The woods

It really is gorgeous there and don't forget there's a house at a bargain price right on the edge of the North Yorkshire Coast up for grabs!

Oh, to mention just before I go. Had a great bike ride with a friend over Muckle Roe to North and South Hams, despite the less than summery weather. It was pretty much like my winter ride; damp, windy, and cold; just no snow and ice and I felt a bit fitter. We came across a big group of common seals basking on the little jetty and rocks around South Hams too. It looked rough out towards Hillswick and Eshaness, very glad I wasn't out on that side in a kayak today!

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