Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hog Island; a short swim

Well it happened. Last night was much better than forecast, so with pleading eyes I asked Clare if she minded if I went out to Nesting and Hog Island near Neap. It only required a short spell in the Shetland Health Spa (North Sea). She did ask if I had life insurance (no need to ask about sanity) and what I was taking. So, with dry bag for camera and clothes (and added floatation) a pair of shorts and my bouyancy aid I rushed off for my treatment.

Here's a short video of the swim and photos of the island...

It's only about 20m across to the island, but through a channel deep enough for a boat, so no wading. Staney Hog is another island further out from Hog Island, but when I got to it it didn't seem worth the bother to swim over to it as it was a fairly low lying rocky mass, most of which I could see.

I wanted to go onto Hog Island, partly because it seemed a fun thing to do, but mainly as it looked so intesterting. Loads of bird life, gjos, caves, arches and a collapsed cave leading out to sea. Also there is the remains of a fort on the map. Well there is a flat area in the very thick grass with a few less than random stones laying about, but I'd never know if I didn't go there.

It was a beautiful evening, sun setting over Neap. Great views of Lunna, Nesting, Whalsay and Bressay and loads of bird life; some less than pleased to see me. I may go back to swim through the cave some time but my next dry bag venture is going to be Vementry, just under 100m from Mainland, but once I'm on it much to explore.

Here's some photos anyway...

The crossing

Looking out to Lunna

Looking back to Nesting, Mainland

Staney Hog with Whalsay in the distance

Staney Hog with Bressay in the far distance (click on it)

Mr Angry, Great Black Backed Gull

Looking back towards Neap and Nesting

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