Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hog Island, Neap, North Nesting

Saturday was a gloriously sunny day if not a bit windy. We planned to go out for a walk to Hog Island near Neap, but first Vidlin Farmers Market.

Distracted by the thought of kayaking later; we first went to Swining and up to Lunna Kirk to see how bad the Voe was for a family outing. Pretty bad, white caps and a building wind, so after popping in to see some friends we went to Vidlin Hall to sample a few delights and look at the crafts for sale before heading down through Laxo and then out to Neap on the east coast of Nesting.

Parking at the end of the road at Neap we headed through a gate and along an old track past a ruined croft and followed it onto the wet meadow land to the north of the Hill of Neap.

Here's Beren balancing on on of the ditch banks that run along side the remains of a raised track.

The wet meadlows were full of wild flowers, orchids, cotton grass, cuckoo flowers, all sorts, but the ragged robin and yellow iris were particularly beautiful.

We got a great view out over Hog Island and also Whalsay in the distance

Looking south we could see South Nesting, Bressay and in the far distance the high eastern cliffs of Noss

Nearing Hog Island we looked back up to Neap, very impressive on the sky line

Hog Island was impressive too, with caves and arches, rugged cliffs and all so near, but yet so far away. Atleast with a Beren in tow. I'll be back with a dry bag for my clothes for a quick swim across to it and also Staney Hog further out at some point, may be even go round in the kayak.

As well as the odd seal there were plenty of birds nesting and they didn't like me! A small colony of shags seemed unperturbed, but the fulmars and other gulls were less friendly. 

The trip home saw us see some impressive rams too, beware of those horns!

And I did get to go out for a little paddle with friends from Lunna late in the evening. Wow, anyone would think I was on holiday!

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